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December 01, 2004

J Immunol

Biochemical analysis of the regulatory T cell protein lymphocyte activation gene-3 (LAG-3; CD223).

Li N, Workman CJ, Martin SM, Vignali DA.

October 01, 2004


Role of LAG-3 in regulatory T cells.

Huang CT, Workman CJ, Flies D, Pan X, Marson AL, Zhou G, Hipkiss EL, Ravi S, Kowalski J, Levitsky HI, Powell JD, Pardoll DM, Drake CG, Vignali DA.

September 01, 2004

J Immunol

Diabetes incidence is unaltered in glutamate decarboxylase 65-specific TCR retrogenic nonobese diabetic mice: generation by retroviral-mediated stem cell gene transfer.

Arnold PY, Burton AR, Vignali DA.

May 01, 2004

J Immunol

Lymphocyte activation gene-3 (CD223) regulates the size of the expanding T cell population following antigen activation in vivo.

Workman CJ, Cauley LS, Kim IJ, Blackman MA, Woodland DL, Vignali DA.

April 04, 2004

Nat Biotechnol

Correction of multi-gene deficiency in vivo using a single 'self-cleaving' 2A peptide-based retroviral vector.

Szymczak AL, Workman CJ, Wang Y, Vignali KM, Dilioglou S, Vanin EF, Vignali DA.

March 15, 2004

J Immunol

Architectural changes in the TCR:CD3 complex induced by MHC:peptide ligation.

La Gruta NL, Liu H, Dilioglou S, Rhodes M, Wiest DL, Vignali DA.

December 15, 2003

J Immunol

CD40-induced aggregation of MHC class II and CD80 on the cell surface leads to an early enhancement in antigen presentation.

Clatza A, Bonifaz LC, Vignali DA, Moreno J.

April 01, 2003

Eur J Immunol

The CD4-related molecule, LAG-3 (CD223), regulates the expansion of activated T cells.

Workman CJ, Vignali DA.

December 15, 2002

J Immunol

Cutting edge: virus-specific CD4+ memory T cells in nonlymphoid tissues express a highly activated phenotype.

Cauley LS, Cookenham T, Miller TB, Adams PS, Vignali KM, Vignali DA, Woodland DL.

December 20, 2002

J Immunol Methods

Reliable generation and use of MHC class II:gamma2aFc multimers for the identification of antigen-specific CD4(+) T cells.

Arnold PY, Vignali KM, Miller TB, La Gruta NL, Cauley LS, Haynes L, Scott Adams P, Swain SL, Woodland DL, Vignali DA.

November 15, 2002

J Immunol

Cutting edge: molecular analysis of the negative regulatory function of lymphocyte activation gene-3.

Workman CJ, Dugger KJ, Vignali DA.

August 01, 2002

Eur J Immunol

Phenotypic analysis of the murine CD4-related glycoprotein, CD223 (LAG-3).

Workman CJ, Rice DS, Dugger KJ, Kurschner C, Vignali DA.

July 15, 2002

J Immunol

The majority of immunogenic epitopes generate CD4+ T cells that are dependent on MHC class II-bound peptide-flanking residues.

Arnold PY, La Gruta NL, Miller T, Vignali KM, Adams PS, Woodland DL, Vignali DA.

November 01, 2000


On the dynamics of TCR:CD3 complex cell surface expression and downmodulation.

Liu H, Rhodes M, Wiest DL, Vignali DA.

September 21, 2000

J Immunol Methods

Multiplexed particle-based flow cytometric assays.

Vignali DA.

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