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November 01, 2009

Immunol Rev.

Organization of proximal signal initiation at the TCR:CD3 complex.

Guy CS, Vignali DA.

December 01, 2009

Curr Opin Immunol

Regulatory T cells and inhibitory cytokines in autoimmunity.

Bettini M, Vignali DA.

October 16, 2009


T cell islet accumulation in type 1 diabetes is a tightly regulated, cell-autonomous event.

Lennon GP, Bettini M, Burton AR, Vincent E, Arnold PY, Santamaria P, Vignali DA.

June 01, 2009

J Immunol

Functionally distinct LAG-3 and PD-1 subsets on activated and chronically stimulated CD8 T cells.

Grosso JF, Goldberg MV, Getnet D, Bruno TC, Yen HR, Pyle KJ, Hipkiss E, Vignali DA, Pardoll DM, Drake CG.

May 15, 2009

J Immunol

Regulatory T cell suppression is potentiated by target T cells in a cell contact, IL-35- and IL-10-dependent manner.

Collison LW, Pillai MR, Chaturvedi V, Vignali DA.

August 01, 2009

Cell Mol Life Sci.

The development and function of regulatory T cells.

Workman CJ, Szymczak-Workman AL, Collison LW, Pillai MR, Vignali DA.

May 01, 2009

J Immunol

Cutting edge: regulatory T cells do not require stimulation through their TCR to suppress.

Szymczak-Workman AL, Workman CJ, Vignali DA.

February 15, 2009

J Immunol

LAG-3 regulates plasmacytoid dendritic cell homeostasis.

Workman CJ, Wang Y, El Kasmi KC, Pardoll DM, Murray PJ, Drake CG, Vignali DA.

January 01, 2009

Nat Immunol

Coregulation of CD8+ T cell exhaustion by multiple inhibitory receptors during chronic viral infection.

Blackburn SD, Shin H, Haining WN, Zou T, Workman CJ, Polley A, Betts MR, Freeman GJ, Vignali DA, Wherry EJ.

December 01, 2008

Immunol Rev.

Interleukin-35: odd one out or part of the family?

Collison LW, Vignali DA.

December 23, 2008

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA

Analysis of nondegradative protein ubiquitylation with a monoclonal antibody specific for lysine-63-linked polyubiquitin.

Wang H, Matsuzawa A, Brown SA, Zhou J, Guy CS, Tseng PH, Forbes K, Nicholson TP, Sheppard PW, Häcker H, Karin M, Vignali DA.

December 15, 2008

J Immunol

Outgrowth of CD4low/negCD25+ T cells with suppressor function in CD4+CD25+ T cell cultures upon polyclonal stimulation ex vivo.

Vogtenhuber C, O'Shaughnessy MJ, Vignali DA, Blazar BR.

November 09, 2008

Nat Immunol

Nonredundant and complementary functions of TRAF2 and TRAF3 in a ubiquitination cascade that activates NIK-dependent alternative NF-kappaB signaling.

Vallabhapurapu S, Matsuzawa A, Zhang W, Tseng PH, Keats JJ, Wang H, Vignali DA, Bergsagel PL, Karin M.

August 01, 2008


Essential cytoplasmic translocation of a cytokine receptor-assembled signaling complex.

Matsuzawa A, Tseng PH, Vallabhapurapu S, Luo JL, Zhang W, Wang H, Vignali DA, Gallagher E, Karin M.

July 01, 2008

Nat Rev Immunol

How regulatory T cells work.

Vignali DA, Collison LW, Workman CJ.

July 01, 2008

J Immunol

The proline-rich sequence of CD3epsilon as an amplifier of low-avidity TCR signaling.

Tailor P, Tsai S, Shameli A, Serra P, Wang J, Robbins S, Nagata M, Szymczak-Workman AL, Vignali DA, Santamaria P.

June 01, 2008

Nat Immunol

Scalable signaling mediated by T cell antigen receptor-CD3 ITAMs ensures effective negative selection and prevents autoimmunity.

Holst J, Wang H, Eder KD, Workman CJ, Boyd KL, Baquet Z, Singh H, Forbes K, Chruscinski A, Smeyne R, van Oers NS, Utz PJ, Vignali DA.

June 01, 2008

J Immunol Methods

Rapid identification of MHC class I-restricted antigens relevant to autoimmune diabetes using retrogenic T cells.

Chaparro RJ, Burton AR, Serreze DV, Vignali DA, DiLorenzo TP.

February 25, 2008


On the pathogenicity of autoantigen-specific T-cell receptors.

Burton AR, Vincent E, Arnold PY, Lennon GP, Smeltzer M, Li CS, Haskins K, Hutton J, Tisch RM, Sercarz EE, Santamaria P, Workman CJ, Vignali DA.

January 09, 2008

J Virol

Lentiviral vectors encoding human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)-specific T-cell receptor genes efficiently convert peripheral blood CD8 T lymphocytes into cytotoxic T lymphocytes with potent in vitro and in vivo HIV-1-specific inhibitory activity.

Joseph A, Zheng JH, Follenzi A, Dilorenzo T, Sango K, Hyman J, Chen K, Piechocka-Trocha A, Brander C, Hooijberg E, Vignali DA, Walker BD, Goldstein H.

November 22, 2007


The inhibitory cytokine IL-35 contributes to regulatory T-cell function.

Collison LW, Workman CJ, Kuo TT, Boyd K, Wang Y, Vignali KM, Cross R, Sehy D, Blumberg RS, Vignali DA.

April 01, 2007

J Immunol

Non-cell autonomous expression of TNF-alpha-converting enzyme ADAM17 is required for normal lymphocyte development.

Li N, Boyd K, Dempsey PJ, Vignali DA.

January 24, 2007


Metalloproteases regulate T-cell proliferation and effector function via LAG-3.

Li N, Wang Y, Forbes K, Vignali KM, Heale BS, Saftig P, Hartmann D, Black RA, Rossi JJ, Blobel CP, Dempsey PJ, Workman CJ, Vignali DA.

January 01, 2006

Nat Protoc

Generation of T-cell receptor retrogenic mice.

Holst J, Szymczak-Workman AL, Vignali KM, Burton AR, Workman CJ, Vignali DA.

December 15, 2006

J Immunol

A natural structural variant of the mouse TCR beta-chain displays intrinsic receptor function and antigen specificity.

Aublin A, Ciofani M, Willkomm N, Hamrouni A, Szymczak-Workman AL, Takahashi T, Sandjeu Y, Guillaume P, Vignali DA, Michielin O, Zúñiga-Pflücker JC, Maryanski JL.

December 01, 2006

J Immunol

General nature of the STAT3-activated anti-inflammatory response.

El Kasmi KC, Holst J, Coffre M, Mielke L, de Pauw A, Lhocine N, Smith AM, Rutschman R, Kaushal D, Shen Y, Suda T, Donnelly RP, Myers MG Jr, Alexander W, Vignali DA, Watowich SS, Ernst M, Hilton DJ, Murray PJ.

March 01, 2006

Nat Methods

Rapid analysis of T-cell selection in vivo using T cell-receptor retrogenic mice.

Holst J, Vignali KM, Burton AR, Vignali DA.

July 01, 2005

J Immunol

The CD3epsilon proline-rich sequence, and its interaction with Nck, is not required for T cell development and function.

Szymczak AL, Workman CJ, Gil D, Dilioglou S, Vignali KM, Palmer E, Vignali DA.

September 01, 2005

Mol Ther

A picornaviral 2A-like sequence-based tricistronic vector allowing for high-level therapeutic gene expression coupled to a dual-reporter system.

Osborn MJ, Panoskaltsis-Mortari A, McElmurry RT, Bell SK, Vignali DA, Ryan MD, Wilber AC, McIvor RS, Tolar J, Blazar BR.

May 01, 2005

Expert Opin Biol Ther

Development of 2A peptide-based strategies in the design of multicistronic vectors.

Szymczak AL, Vignali DA.

July 01, 2005

J Leukoc Bio

TNFR1-induced sphingomyelinase activation modulates TCR signaling by impairing store-operated Ca2+ influx.

Church LD, Hessler G, Goodall JE, Rider DA, Workman CJ, Vignali DA, Bacon PA, Gulbins E, Young SP.

April 01, 2005

J Immunol

Plasticity and rigidity in adaptor protein-2-mediated internalization of the TCR:CD3 complex.

Szymczak AL, Vignali DA.

January 15, 2005

J Immunol

Negative regulation of T cell homeostasis by lymphocyte activation gene-3 (CD223).

Workman CJ, Vignali DA.

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